Parents ... get plugged in!

Greetings, parents of our fantastic youth! There is something to be said about the transformation of the parent heart. If you're like us, you want to have the best for your child - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spirtually. Our student ministry desires to help you to feed these teenagers spiritually. We realize that many parents want to be involved in small and big ways. We welcome you! Please take some time to surf this site so that you may better know your options of service. We as a church family would love for you to be able to use whatever gifts you offer to strengthen the student ministry here at New Salem. If you have a desire to get involved, please email Angie at


Ways we try to connect parents with our ministry

1. Through the Sunday morning bulletin
2. Each month we have a newsletter that is mailed out and posted on the website
    (Go to "More" at the top, then click on youth monthly newsletter). It contains an
    overview of what we will be teaching each week in Sunday School, Sunday nights,
    and Wednesday nights as a few other details. To subscribe to the newsletter, please
    email Angie at
3. Each month the students are given a calendar on Wednesday nights.
4. Like us on Facebook:  New Salem Youth Group

We Do This Stuff Every Week.

Sunday Mornings:
9:15 - 10:15
Sunday morning is a time dedicated to building a caring community of faith. We offer weekly small group Bible study classes for students in grades 7 - 12, as well as large group teaching times periodically. The adult leaders for each grade are committed to sharing the love of Christ with students in such a way that they will grow in their love for God and love for people.
Sunday Nights:
4:00 - 7:00
Sunday nights are dedicated to Youth Drama and continuing discipleship training. Youth Drama (Blind Faith) begins at 4:00, followed by Youth Discipleship at 5:00 with a "snack" in between. At 6:00, the youth lead the congregation in worship in the sanctuary followed by a message.
Wednesday Nights:
6:30 - 7:30
The youth have their own worship service and group lesson designed to challenge Christ's followers to deepen their faith and also introduce the person of Christ to students who may have never heard the Gospel. The night is never short on fun, and it is a great place for first time guests to get acquainted with other students and caring adults.

We Do This Stuff Every Year

Summer Camp
Camp is unlike any other event you will find at church, school, or elsewhere. Yes, we sing songs, have Bible studies, and play silly games, but there are no words to describe the incredible experience that happens in that short week. The teaching is relevant, the worship is authentic, and the fun is extreme. Our Jr. High (7-8 grades) attends Centrifuge, and our Sr. High (9-12) attends M-Fuge.
Mission Trip
Deep in the heart of New Salem's Student Ministry is the desire to share the love of Christ with the world using words and actions. The summer mission trip gives students the opportunity to learn about missions and service through a week of hands on experience. Grades 9-12  travel to Belize to spread the Gospel message. The trip opens students' eyes to see how God works around the globe, showing them new opportunities to serve. Students also gain a broader perspective of how God works in the lives of people across the world, and they develop hearts for service that God will continue to use beyond their time in the Student Ministry.
Disciple Now (D-Now)
Disciple now is an essential time of Bible study and true discipleship led by a solid speaker, sensitive worship leader, and knowledgeable caring adults as small group leaders. The weekend is also chock-full of fun activities that build community among the students. Happening mid-way through the school year, this event not only refreshes and encourages students to continue growing in their faith, but it also sets a tone of purpose and excitement for the spring semester.


Registration Forms

Below are links to different forms used by our Student Ministry. You can fill them out online and print them. Most have to be signed and /or notorized, so they will need to be physically brought or mailed to Angie.